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Oakland Landscaping Company

Wildwood Landscapes is a premier landscape Design + Build firm in Oakland, CA. We specialize in creating beautiful outdoor living spaces tailored to your needs. Our team combines thoughtful design, professional detailing, and modern technology to transform your yard into a stunning oasis.


What Services Does Wildwood Landscapes Offer?

At Wildwood Landscapes, we provide a comprehensive range of landscaping services designed to meet diverse needs and budgets. Our offerings include:

Do I Need a Professional Landscaper in Oakland?

Hiring a professional landscaper brings numerous benefits. At Wildwood Landscapes, we ensure that your outdoor space is beautifully designed and meticulously executed. Our experts understand local climate and soil conditions, ensuring your plants thrive. We save you time and stress by handling all project aspects, from conception to completion. With a professional touch, your landscape not only looks fantastic but also increases your property's value and usability.


Professionals understand the local climate and terrain, ensuring optimal plant selection and installation.


Through high-quality materials and craftsmanship, professionals deliver durable and beautiful landscapes.


They manage resources and time effectively, saving you effort and ensuring timely project completion.


Professionals prioritize eco-friendly solutions, promoting a healthier environment.

Landscape Design in Oakland

Our landscape design service in Oakland is thoughtfully focused and professionally detailed. We start with a comprehensive site analysis and work closely with you to develop a design that reflects your vision and the unique character of your property. Using modern 3D renderings, we help you visualize the final look before construction begins. This ensures you’re fully satisfied with the design and allows for any adjustments before the build starts. Our goal is to craft an outdoor space that enhances your lifestyle and complements your home’s architecture.


How to Create Landscapes that Thrive in Oakland CA

Creating thriving landscapes in Oakland requires a deep understanding of the local environment. At Wildwood Landscapes, we specialize in selecting plants and materials that are well-suited to Oakland’s climate. We design with sustainability in mind, using drought-resistant plants and efficient irrigation systems to conserve water. Our expertise ensures that your garden not only looks beautiful but is also low-maintenance and eco-friendly. By choosing us, you ensure that your landscape remains vibrant and healthy all year round, even during the dry summer months typical of the Bay Area.

Ready to transform your outdoor space?

Reach out to us at or call 510-689-1870. Your perfect landscape awaits!

Our Recent Work in the Oakland Area.

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